Cork bags, unique and handmade

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Unique handmade

Cork bags

I make cork bags to make that cork is durable and environmentally friendly.

All handmade in my small studio in Foxwolde.

Just too bad you can’t feel the cork bags online…. So soft!

Cork bags unique and handmade

Ladies cork bags are a glory to carry,nice light when the bag is empty. Have you ever lifted a leather bag? Exactly, it’s heavy when it’s empty. And then you have to put half your household in!

That’s the first advantage of a cork bag

Other benefits include:

Requires low maintenance
Is made in an environmentally and animal-friendly way
Can withstand a splash of water

A cork bag is durable and biodegradable.

That’s how you help nature and he could use some help, don’t you think?

All kinds of colors and motifs.

The cork coat used by Foxxybags comes from Portugal and has the most beautiful colors and motifs. The colors stay beautiful and do not fade.

Want more benefits?

It’s too much to mention here, but this article tells you more about it.

Handmade bags are exclusive and you won’t see anyone else walking with them. It’s so nice, isn’t it?

cork wallet blue

About Foxxybags

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